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World cities

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beginning with letter A

Attention! This section provides simple lists of cities.

For more information about the population, belonging to the country and its regions, the base year or the first mention, as well as the name in Russian, English and the local language, you can find in other sections of the site. Look for the icon cities.

Lists of the largest cities is presented in the statistics section.

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Search for city by name

All world cities beginning with letter A

(2658 of 42321 city names)

A'ali Aach Aachen Aalanavara Aalborg Aalburg Aalen Aalst Aarau Aarberg Aarburg Aarhus Aarschot Ab Pakhsh Aba Abadan Abadeh Abadeh Tashk Abades Abadia de Goias Abadia dos Dourados Abadiania Abadiano Abadszalok Abadzehskaya Abaete Abaetetuba Abaiara Abaira Abakaliki Abakan Abala Abalak Aban Abancay Abanilla Abano Terme Abanto y Ciervana Abaran Abare Abarkuh Abasha Abashiri Abasolo Abatia Abatouwai Abatskoe Abaujszanto Abay Abaza Abbadia Lariana Abbadia San Salvatore Abbar Abbasanta Abbeville Abbiategrasso Abbotsford Abbottabad Abdallah Mubarak as-Sabah Abdanan Abdi Abdon Batista Abdul Hakeem Abdulino Abeche Abegondo Abeibara Abejorral Abel Figueiredo Abelardo Luz Abenberg Abengourou Abensberg Abeokuta Aberaeron Aberavon Aberbargoed Abercarn Aberdare Aberdeen Abergavenny Abergele Abertamy Aberystwyth Abgue Abha Abhar Abhaynagar Abidjan Abiko Abilene Abim Abingdon Abinsk Abja-Paluoja Abker-Djombo Abnub Abo Abo el Matamer Abo Homos Aboisso Abomey Abomey-Calavi Abony Aborlan Aboso Aboudeia Abougoudam Abovyan Abqaiq Abra de Ilog Abra Pampa Abramovka Abrantes Abrau-Dyurso Abre Campo Abrego Abrera Abreu e Lima Abreulandia Abriaqui Abricots Abrud Abs Abu Arish Abu Dhabi Abu Hammad Abu Homeyzeh Abu Hulayfah Abu Jubayhah Abu Kabir Abu Kamal Abu Qirqas Abu Rudays Abu Samrah Abu Tesht Abu Zabad Abu Zeydabad Abucay Abuja Abuko Abulug Aburi Abutig Abuyog Abyar Abyek Acacias Acaiaca Acailandia Acajete Acajutiba Acajutla Acambaro Acandi Acapulco Acara Acarape Acarau Acari Acarigua Acarlar Acate Acaua Acayucan Accadia Accra Accrington Acegua Acerenza Acerno Acerra Acevedo Achabal Achalpur Acharnes Acheng Achern Achhnera Achi Achi-Su Achikulak Achim Achinsk Achit Achkhoy-Martan Achocalla Aci Bonaccorsi Aci Castello Aci Catena Aci Sant'Antonio Acipayam Acireale Aconibe Acopiara Acorizal Acqualagna Acquanegra sul Chiese Acquapendente Acquarica del Capo Acquaro Acquasanta Terme Acquasparta Acquaviva Acquaviva delle Fonti Acquaviva Picena Acquedolci Acqui Terme Acre Acrelandia Acreuna Acri Acton Vale Acu Acucena Acul-du-Nord Acworth Ad Dahi Ad Dahlah Ad Dali Ad Dawr Ad Dayr Ad Dilam Ad Dis Ad Diwaniyah Ad Dulail Ad-Dandan Ad-Dariz Ad-Dawhah Ad-Dhaid Ad-Dillinj Ad-Dindar ad-Dumair Ada Adak Adalaj Adale Adam Adamantina Adamdighi Adamov Adamovka Adams Adamstown Adana Adapazari Adari Adda-Doueni Addis Ababa Addu City Ade Adel Bagrou Adelaide Adelandia Adelanto Adelfia Adelsheim Aden Adenau Adenta East Aderbissinat Adi Keyh Adi Quala Adi Tekelezan Adiake Adigrat Adil-Yangiyurt Adilabad Adilcevaz Aditmari Adityana Adiwerna Adiyaman Adiyara Adjud Adjumani Adliswil Ado Ekiti Adolfo Adolfo Gonzales Chaves Adoni Adoor Adorf Adra Adrano Adrar Adrasmon Adre Adria Adrianopolis Adro Adustina Adwa Adyge-Habl Adygeysk Adzope Afabet Afak Afanasevo Afega Affery Affoltern am Albis Afgooye Afif Afipsky Aflao Aflou Afmadow Afogados da Ingazeira Afonino Afonso Bezerra Afonso Claudio Afonso Cunha Afragola Afranio Africo Afrin Afsin Afua Afula Afyonkarahisar Afzalpura Aga Agachaul Agadez Agadir Agailjhara Agalatovo Agano Agapovka Agarak Agaro Agartala Agboville Agdangan Agdash Agde Ageevo Agen Ageo Agerola Aghajari Agia Paraskevi Agia Varvara Agidel Agii Trimithias Aginskoe Agios Athanasios Agios Dometios Agios Nikolaos Agios Tihon Agira Agirish Agjabadi Aglandzia Agliana Aglie Aglipay Agna Agnadello Agnibilekrou Agnita Agno Agnone Agogo Agoi Agona Swedru Agoncillo Agoo Agordat Agordo Agoura Hills Agra Agrado Agrarnoe Agrate Brianza Agrestina Agri Agricolandia Agrigento Agrinio Agrolandia Agronom Agronomica Agropoli Agryz Agstafa Agsu Agua Azul do Norte Agua Boa Agua Branca Agua Clara Agua Comprida Agua de Dios Agua Doce Agua Doce do Maranhao Agua Doce do Norte Agua Fria Agua Fria de Goias Agua Limpa Agua Nova Agua Preta Agua Prieta Agua Santa Aguacaliente Aguachica Aguada Aguadas Aguadulce Aguai Agualva-Cacem Aguanil Aguaray Aguas Belas Aguas da Prata Aguas de Chapeco Aguas de Lindoia Aguas de Santa Barbara Aguas de Sao Pedro Aguas Formosas Aguas Frias Aguas Lindas de Goias Aguas Mornas Aguas Vermelhas Aguascalientes Aguazul Agudo Agudos Agudos do Sul Agueda Agugliano Aguia Branca Aguiar Aguiarnopolis Aguie Aguilar Aguilar de Campoo Aguilares Aguilas Aguinaldo Agustin Codazzi Agutaya Agvali Ahad al-Masarihah Ahad Rifaydah Ahaga-Stal-Kazmalyar Ahar Ahau Ahaus Aheloy Aheritu Ahero Ahiwara Ahlat Ahlen Ahmad Abad Ahmadpur Ahmadpur East Ahmat-Yurt Ahmedabad Ahmedgarh Ahmednagar Ahmetli Ahna Ahrensburg Ahtanizovskaya Ahtari Ahtarskij Ahtopol Ahuachapan Ahwaz Aichach Aichtal Aidone Aidun Aiello del Sabato Aigio Aigle Aigua Aihal Aileu Aimogasta Aimores Ain Al Bascha Ain Beida Ain Defla Ain El Melh Ain Oussera Ain Sinan Ain Temouchent Ainaro Ainazi Aioi Aipe Aiquara Airai Airasca Airdrie Airola Airuno etc

How many cities?

The concept of the city is not accurately defined. The fact is that in different countries there are different opinions on this matter. City status can be assigned for more than fifty thousand inhabitants, but can as well be given to a settlement of only a hundred inhabitants. In Russia, to get the status of the city, a settlement must have a population of more than 12 thousand people, but due to historical twists and traditions the rule is followed freely. Thus, in Russia alone, and according to Russian criteria there are more than a thousand cities. And all over the world there are tens of thousands of cities: metropolises, megacities, big cities and towns, large and small settlements.

As you can see, this list is far from being complete, but if even in such a form it is too huge for you, you can make it more concrete by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page, or by selecting from the list of cities of only one particular continent (Europe, Asia, etc.), or statistical tables with only the largest cities - for example, the largest cities of the world.

Russian game "Cities" ("Goroda")

You've come to a page with a list, for which in earlier times one would fork out a mountain of gold. We are talking about an old verbal game of "cities", in which two or more people named the cities in turn. It was necessary that the name of the next town should begin with the last letter of the previous town. So, rejoice! There are tens of thousands of city names on our website! That number is so huge that we had to divide them alphabetically. By default, there is a list of cities beginning with the letter A.

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