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World cities

City list

beginning with letter I

Attention! This section provides simple lists of cities.

For more information about the population, belonging to the country and its regions, the base year or the first mention, as well as the name in Russian, English and the local language, you can find in other sections of the site. Look for the icon cities.

Lists of the largest cities is presented in the statistics section.

Search for city by name
Search for city by name

All world cities beginning with letter I

(827 of 36547 city names)

Iacanga Iaciara Iacri Iacu Ialibu Ialoveni Ianca Iapala Iapu Iaras Iargara Iasi Iati Ibadan Ibague Ibaiti Ibanda Ibara Ibaraki Ibarama Ibaretama Ibarra Ibate Ibateguara Ibatiba Ibb Ibbenburen Ibema Ibertioga Ibi Ibia Ibiaca Ibiai Ibiam Ibiapina Ibiara Ibiassuce Ibicarai Ibicare Ibicoara Ibicui Ibicuitinga Ibimirim Ibipeba Ibipitanga Ibipora Ibiquera Ibira Ibiracatu Ibiraci Ibiracu Ibiraiaras Ibirajuba Ibirama Ibirapitanga Ibirapua Ibirapuita Ibirarema Ibirataia Ibirite Ibiruba Ibitiara Ibitinga Ibitirama Ibitita Ibitiura de Minas Ibituruna Ibiuna Ibiza Ibo Ibotirama Ibra Ibrat Ibri Ibusuki Ica Icapui Icara Icarai de Minas Icaraima Icatu Icem Icericumra Ichalkaranji Ichchapuram Ichenhausen Icheon Ichihara Ichikawa Ichikikushikino Ichinomiya Ichinoseki Ichnia Ichon Ichu Ico Icolo e Bengo Iconha Iconi Icononzo Idaho Falls Idar-Oberstein Idfu Idil Idiofa Idjwi Idlib Idrija Idstein Ielmo Marinho Iepe Ieper Ierapetra Iernut Iesolo Ifakara Ifalik Ifanadiana Ife Iferouane Iga Igaci Igalo Iganga Igapora Igaracu do Tiete Igaracy Igarapava Igarape Igarape do Meio Igarape Grande Igarape-Acu Igarape-Miri Igarassu Igarata Igaratinga Igarka Igboho Igdir Iglesias Igloolik Ignalina Ignatievo Igrapiuna Igreja Nova Igrejinha Iguaba Grande Iguai Iguala Igualada Iguape Iguaraci Iguaracu Iguatama Iguatemi Iguatu Ihavandhoo Ihosy Ihtiman Iida Iisalmi Iiyama Iizuka Ij Ijaci Ijebu Ode Ijero Ijevan IJsselstein Ijui Ikaalinen Ikalamavony Ikare Ikeda Ikela Iki Iklin Ikoma Ikongo Ikot Ekpene Iksan Ikskile Ikungi Ikwiriri-Umwe Ila Ilam Ilansky Ilanz Ilava Ilave Ilawa Ilawe Ekiti Ile de la Tortue Ile-a-Vache Ilebo Iles Ilesha Ilgaz Ilgin Ilha Comprida Ilha das Flores Ilha de Itamaraca Ilha Grande Ilha Solteira Ilhabela Ilhavo Ilheus Ilhota Ilica Ilicinea Ilirska Bistrica Illasi Illela Illertissen Illescas Illintsi Illizi Illkirch-Graffenstaden Illnau-Effretikon Ilmenau Ilo Ilobasco Ilobu Ilok Ilopango Ilopolis Ilorin Ilovaisk Ilowa Ilshofen Ilukste Ilula Ilulissat Ilza Imabari Imaculada Imamoglu Imari Imarui Imatra Imbabah Imbau Imbe Imbe de Minas Imbersago Imbituba Imbituva Imbuia Imielin Imigrante Imishli Imizu Immenhausen Immenstadt Imola Imotski Imperatriz Imperia Imperial Impfondo Imphal Impruneta Imsil Imst Imues Ina Inabe Inacio Martins Inaciolandia Inagi Inaja Inaruwa Inashiki Inazawa Inca Incheon Incirliova Incisa in Val d'Arno Incles Incline Village Inconfidentes Inda Selassie Indaiabira Indaial Indaiatuba Independence Independencia Indian Head Indian Hills Indian Trail Indian Wells Indiana Indianapolis Indianola Indianopolis Indiapora Indiara Indiaroba Indiavai Indija Indio Indore Indramayu Indranagar Induno Olona Industry Inebolu Inegol Ineu Inga Ingai Ingall Ingazeira Ingelfingen Ingelheim am Rhein Ingende Ingeniero Juarez Ingersoll Inglewood Ingolstadt Ingore Inhacora Inhambane Inhambupe Inhaminga Inhangapi Inhapi Inhapim Inharrime Inhassoro Inhauma Inhuma Inhumas Iniesta Inimutaba Inirida Inje Inkerman Inkisi Innisfail Innisfil Innopolis Innsbruck Inocencia Inongo Inowroclaw Insaca Insar Insiza Insko Insuratei Inta Intendente Alvear Intibuca Intorsura Buzaului Inubia Paulista Inuvik Inuyama Inver Grove Heights Invercargill Invergordon Inverigo Inverkeithing Inverness Inveruno Invorio Inyati Inza Inzago Inzai Ioannina Iomere Iowa City Ipaba Ipameri Ipanema Ipanguacu Ipaporanga Ipatinga Ipatovo Ipaumirim Ipaussu Ipe Ipecaeta Ipero Ipeuna Iphofen Ipiacu Ipiales Ipiau Ipigua Ipira Ipiranga Ipiranga de Goias Ipiranga do Norte Ipiranga do Piaui Ipiranga do Sul Ipis Ipixuna Ipixuna do Para Ipoh Ipojuca Ipora Ipora do Oeste Iporanga Ippy Ipsala Ipsonas Ipswich Ipu Ipua Ipuacu Ipubi Ipueira Ipueiras Ipuiuna Ipumirim Ipupiara Iqaluit Iquique Iquira Iquitos Iracema Iracema do Oeste Iracemapolis Iraceminha Irai Irai de Minas Irajuba Iramaia Iranduba Irani Iranshahr Irapua Irapuato Irapuru Iraquara Irara Irati Iraucuba Irbid Irbin Irbit Irece Iretama Irgalem Iriba Irig Irineopolis Iringa Irinjalakuda Irishtown-Summerside Irituia Irkutsk Irmino Iroquois Falls Irpin Irricana Irshava Irsina Iruma Irumu Irun Irupi Irvine Irving Irvington Irwindale Isa Town Isaccea Isafjordur Isahaya Isaias Coelho Isale Isangel Isangi Iscar Iscehisar Ischia Ischia di Castro Ischitella Ise Ise Ekiti Isehara Iseo Isera Iserlohn Isernia Isesaki Iseyin Isfahan Isfana Isfara Ishigaki Ishikari Ishim Ishimbay Ishinomaki Ishioka Ishkashim etc

How many cities?

The concept of the city is not accurately defined. The fact is that in different countries there are different opinions on this matter. City status can be assigned for more than fifty thousand inhabitants, but can as well be given to a settlement of only a hundred inhabitants. In Russia, to get the status of the city, a settlement must have a population of more than 12 thousand people, but due to historical twists and traditions the rule is followed freely. Thus, in Russia alone, and according to Russian criteria there are more than a thousand cities. And all over the world there are tens of thousands of cities: metropolises, megacities, big cities and towns, large and small settlements.

As you can see, this list is far from being complete, but if even in such a form it is too huge for you, you can make it more concrete by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page, or by selecting from the list of cities of only one particular continent (Europe, Asia, etc.), or statistical tables with only the largest cities - for example, the largest cities of the world.

Russian game "Cities" ("Goroda")

You've come to a page with a list, for which in earlier times one would fork out a mountain of gold. We are talking about an old verbal game of "cities", in which two or more people named the cities in turn. It was necessary that the name of the next town should begin with the last letter of the previous town. So, rejoice! There are tens of thousands of city names on our website! That number is so huge that we had to divide them alphabetically. By default, there is a list of cities beginning with the letter A.

Origin page: Список городов мира.

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