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Countries of the world

Country codes

Barcodes of the countries

A barcode is placed on the product and encrypts stored information about its origins. The standard barcode EAN-13 consists of 13 digits, the first three of which are the codes of the manufacturing countries. Then follows a company code, a product code and a check digit for protection against counterfeiting.

What is a country bar code

Suppose we have a product in our hands and see its barcode - a notable rectangle composed of black vertical lines. To determine from which country it was imported, it is necessary to look at the numbers below this box. The first three numbers are the country code. And the decoding is presented in the table below. But do not be deluded! In fact, the real origin of the product may not correspond with what is written on the barcode. For example, the manufacturer can be registered in one country and the assembly plant can be located in another. Or it can be an international company, covering several countries. Or a subsidiary company. There are many different nuances, and many manufacturers use them as a ploy for better trade promotion.

You can find the appropriate country and its code in the table below, and also you can use the GEO-service: what is a country's barcode?


Country Barcode
flag France300-379
flag Bulgaria380
flag Slovenia383
flag Croatia385
flag Bosnia and Herzegovina387
flag Germany400-440
flag Russia460-469
flag Estonia474
flag Latvia475
flag Lithuania477
flag Belarus481
flag Ukraine482
flag Moldova484
flag United Kingdom500-509
flag Greece520
flag Albania530
flag Macedonia531
flag Malta535
flag Ireland539
flag Belgium540-549
flag Luxembourg540-549
flag Portugal560
flag Iceland569
flag Denmark570-579
flag Poland590
flag Romania594
flag Hungary599
flag Finland640-649
flag Norway700-709
flag Sweden730-739
flag Switzerland760-769
flag Italy800-839
flag Spain840-849
flag Slovakia858
flag Czech Republic859
flag Serbia860
flag Montenegro860
flag Netherlands870-879
flag Austria900-919


Country Barcode
flag Kyrgyzstan470
flag Azerbaijan476
flag Uzbekistan478
flag Sri Lanka479
flag Philippines480
flag Armenia485
flag Georgia486
flag Kazakhstan487
flag Japan490-499
flag Lebanon528
flag Cyprus529
flag Bahrain608
flag Syria621
flag Jordan625
flag Iran626
flag Kuwait627
flag Saudi Arabia628
flag United Arab Emirates629
flag China690-695
flag Israel729
flag Mongolia865
flag North Korea867
flag Turkey869
flag South Korea880
flag Cambodia884
flag Thailand885
flag Singapore888
flag India890
flag Vietnam893
flag Indonesia899
flag Malaysia955

Australia and Oceania

Country Barcode
flag Australia930-939
flag New Zealand940-949

North America

Country Barcode
flag United States of America000-139
flag Guatemala740
flag El Salvador741
flag Honduras742
flag Nicaragua743
flag Costa Rica744
flag Panama745
flag Dominican Republic746
flag Mexico750
flag Canada754-755
flag Cuba850

South America

Country Barcode
flag Venezuela759
flag Colombia770
flag Uruguay773
flag Peru775
flag Bolivia777
flag Argentina779
flag Chile780
flag Paraguay784
flag Ecuador786
flag Brazil789-790


Country Barcode
flag South Africa600-601
flag Ghana603
flag Mauritius609
flag Morocco611
flag Algeria613
flag Kenya616
flag Cote dIvoire618
flag Tunisia619
flag Egypt622
flag Libya624

Other barcodes

Due to historical reasons, the world stage holds some strong players with their own barcodes, them not being independent states or even recognized countries. For example, China's Hong Kong (489) and Macau (958) after returning from a century-old lease maintained extensive financial autonomy. Or also Chinese Taiwan (471), which has been long ago by itself. Numbers from 200 to 299 are reserved for internal needs of the manufacturer, and numbers from 977 to 999 - for books (ISSN), coupons, receipts, etc.

This text translated automatically. :-) Origin: Штрих код стран.