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Поиск городов

Which city?

You can search for any city of the world according to different criteria. Mostly they are searched by titles - for this it is necessary to enter the city name in the appropriate field, and the service will provide available data in response (usually it contains information about population and the name of the country in which the specified city is located). It can easily happen that there will be several cities with the same name. In that case you will see a list of them. People are also interested in finding out which cities have over a million inhabitants and which have specific interesting places and tourist attractions.

Find all the cities of a country

This service helps if you don’t know the name of the city, but know the country it is located in. Or if you just want to see the list of all the cities of a specific country. In that case you should use the search option, where you can select a country and get a full list of its cities. The information may be incomplete, but the site is constantly updated and all the gaps are quickly filled up. In addition, you yourself can be of help and Report about errors or new data.