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World countries

Here you will find many interesting encyclopedic facts and statistics. The full list of all modern countries of the world, the capitals, thousands of the largest cities of the world. There is data on area and population, on national symbols - flags and coats of arms - as well as on various country codes.

But although such a gazetteer could be useful, however, in itself it may be considered as quite boring and banal. So it was necessary to add some color.

Geographical tests

Visiting GEO, you - whether you're a novice or an expert in geography - will be able to multiply your knowledge of the subject using simple and understandable tests. This way information is absorbed easier and more accurately, and the training brings enjoyment and turns into fun. Unfortunately, English version of the site is limited: just four of many more geographical tests are available. This includes one of the most popular tests – a test on the world capitals – as well as tests on the world maps, national flags and national coats of arms.

Not only will you get some useful knowledge for the self-development, but also will be able to focus on the achievement of the other visitors and compete with them in erudition

Opinions and polls

This is another line of development: to create a community where everyone can express their opinions about the countries. Here you can tell which countries you visited and which of them you liked.