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Country codes

Which country’s barcode?

To quickly and easily find out the manufacturing country by a barcode, I created this simple service. Simply enter the desired value, and you will immediately get a result in the form of a country name. By clicking on the name you'll be taken to a page containing detailed information about the country: statistical data, national symbols, the largest cities. However, the search result may turn out to be not a country, but a separate area (such as Hong Kong, having a special status, but remaining a part of China). There is not detailed information on them yet.

country barcode
Enter barcode

To determine the country by a barcode you need to enter its first three digits:

Russian barcodes

In the bar coding Russia occupies the range from 460 to 469. Any of these properties at the beginning of the sequence indicates that the product produced in the Russian Federation 460, 461, 462, 463, 464, 465, 466, 467, 468 and 469.

Barcodes of Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan

Belarusian goods have a barcode starting with number 481, Ukrainian – starting with 482, and in Kazakhstan – starting with 487.

A separate table provides a complete list of Barcodes of the countries.

Origin page: Какой страны штрих код.