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Countries of the world

South American countries

List of South American countries in alphabetical order:

Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Guyana Paraguay Peru Suriname Uruguay Venezuela

South American states, total number: 12.

South American states

South America is a large continent, but there are only twelve countries there. Distance from Europe and formed trade routes, the difficulties of colonization, logistics, acclimatization, the high Andes and the Amazon jungles - all this prevented the conquest of the continent by the Europeans and the subsequent dismemberment of yet conquered territories into small pieces. A dominant role was grabbed by a Portuguese-speaking Brazil - the largest country if the continent in terms of area and population (the fifth in the world at both criterions). Most of the other countries are Spanish-speaking. Despite the general decolonization, France still holds Guiana as its largest overseas territory. The country tried to be independent, but fell victim to the severe economic interests. In view of the constructed Kourou spaceport (proximity to the equator is extremely favorable for flying) and a regiment of the Foreign Legion to protect it, in the nearest future the situation is unlikely to change.

National symbols

You can study South American flags and South American coats of arms.

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