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World cities

City list

beginning with letter O

Attention! This section provides simple lists of cities.

For more information about the population, belonging to the country and its regions, the base year or the first mention, as well as the name in Russian, English and the local language, you can find in other sections of the site. Look for the icon cities.

Lists of the largest cities is presented in the statistics section.

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Search for city by name

All world cities beginning with letter O

(900 of 42321 city names)

O Grove O'Fallon O'Leary Oak Harbor Oak Hill Oak Lake Oak Lawn Oak Park Oak Ridge Oakdale Oakes Oakland Oakville Oamaru Oas Oaxaca Ob Obakoy Obama Oban Obanazawa Obando Obeliai Ober-Ramstadt Obera Oberasbach Oberharz am Brocken Oberhausen Oberhof Oberkirch Oberkochen Oberlungwitz Obermoschel Obernburg Oberndorf am Neckar Oberndorf bei Salzburg Obernkirchen Oberpullendorf Oberriexingen Obertshausen Oberursel Oberviechtach Oberwart Oberweissbach Oberwesel Oberwiesenthal Oberwolz Stadt Obidos Obigarm Obihiro Obilnoe Oblivskaya Obluchye Obninsk Obo Obock Obolensk Oborniki Oborniki Slaskie Oboyan Obozerskij Obra Obraztsovo Obraztsovo-Travino Obrenovac Obrovac Obrzycko Obsharovka Obu Obuasi Obukhiv Obukhovo Obyachevo Obzor Ocamonte Ocampo Ocana Ocara Ocaucu Occhieppo Inferiore Occhieppo Superiore Occhiobello Occoquan Ocean Springs Oceanside Ochakiv Ochamchira Ocho Rios Ochsenfurt Ochsenhausen Ochtrup Ochyor Ocna Mures Ocna Sibiului Ocnele Mari Ocnita Ocotal Ocumare de la Costa Ocumare del Tuy Oda Odabasi Odate Odawara Odda Oddanchatram Odemis Odendaalsrus Odense Oderberg Oderzo Odessa Odesskoe Odienne Odintsovo Odiongan Odivelas Odobesti Odoev Odolanow Odolena Voda Odorheiu Secuiesc Odry Oduponkpehe Odzaci Odzi Oederan Oeiras Oeiras do Para Oek Oelde Oelsnitz Erzgeb Oelsnitz Vogtland Oer-Erkenschwick Oerlinghausen Oestrich-Winkel Oettingen Of Ofakimac Offa Offanengo Offenbach am Main Offenburg Offida Offlaga Oftringen Ofunato Oga Ogaki Ogarevka Ogbomosho Ogden Ogembo Oggiona con Santo Stefano Oggiono Ogi Ogodzha Ogori Ogre Ogrodzieniec Ogulin Oguz Ohakune Ohangaron Ohonua Ohotsk Ohrdruf Ohrid Ohringen Oiapoque Oiba Oicata Oicha Oil City Oiskhara Oisterwijk Oistins Oita Ojai Ojhar Ojiya Ojo de Agua Okahandja Okahao Okakarara Okara Okawa Okaya Okayama Okazaki Okcheon Okegawa Okene Okha Okhansk Okhtyrka Okigwe Okinawa Oklahoma City Okmulgee Okondja Okonek Okoneshnikovo Okotoks Okpoko Oksovskij Oktyabrsk Oktyabrskaya Oktyabrskoe Oktyabrsky Okulovka Ol Kalou Ola Olafsvik Olaine Olanchito Olaria Olathe Olavarria Olawa Olaya Olaya Herrera Olbernhau Olbia Old Bridge Old Harbor Old Harbour Old Harbour Bay Old Lyme Old Panamao Old Road Old Road Town Old Saybrook Old Town Oldekerk Oldenburg Oldenburg in Holstein Oldenzaal Oldham Olds Olecko Oleggio Oleiros Oleksandriia Oleksandrivsk Olenegorsk Olenek Olenino Oleo Olesa de Montserrat Olesnica Olesno Oleszyce Olevano Romano Olevano sul Tusciano Olevsk Olfen Olga Olgiate Comasco Olgiate Molgora Olgiate Olona Olgii Olginate Olginskaya Olginskoe Olha Olhao da Restauracao Olho d'Agua Olho d'Agua das Cunhas Olho d'Agua das Flores Olho d'Agua do Casado Olho D'Agua do Piaui Olho d'Agua Grande Olho-d'Agua do Borges Olhos-d'Agua Olhovatka Olhovka Olias del Rey Oliena Olimpia Olimpio Noronha Olinda Olinda Nova do Maranhao Olindina Olintepeque Olite Oliva Olive Branch Olivedos Oliveira Oliveira de Azemeis Oliveira de Fatima Oliveira do Bairro Oliveira do Hospital Oliveira dos Brejinhos Oliveira Fortes Olivenca Olivenza Oliver Oliveto Citra Olivos Olkusz Ollombo Olmaliq Olmazor Olmedo Olocuilta Olomouc Olonets Olongapo Olot Olovi Olovyannaya Olpe Olsberg Olsztyn Olsztynek Olszyna Olten Oltenita Oltu Olula del Rio Olutanga Olympia Olymskij Olyokminsk Omachi Omaezaki Omagh Omaha Omar Omaruru Omboue Ombues de Lavalle Omdurman Ome Omegna Ometepec Omhajer Omidiyeh Omihachiman Omis Omitama Omoa Omsk Omskyj Omsukchan Omura Omurtag Omuta Omuthiya Omutinskoe Omutninsk Onancock Onca de Pitangui Onchon Onda Onda Verde Ondangwa Ondara Ondjiva Ondo Ondokuzmayis Ondorkhaan Onega Oneop Onesti Onex Ongata Rongai Ongole Ongoujou Ongudaj Ongwediva Oni Onil Onitsha Onkokwa Ono Onohino Onojo Onokhoy Onomichi Onoto Onoway Onsong Ontario Onteniente Ontigola Onverwacht Onzaga Oodi Oodweyne Oostelijke Polders Oostende Oosterhout Oostzaan Opaka Opala Opalenica Oparino Opatija Opatow Opava Opelika Opera Opfikon Opico Opmeer Opochka Opoczno Opol Opole Opole Lubelskie Oporapa Opotiki Opovo Oppeano Oppenau Oppenheim Oppido Lucano Oppido Mamertina Opunake Opuwo Opuzen Oqmangit Oqoltin Oqqorgon Oqtosh Or Akivaad Or Yehuda Ora Oracabessa Oradea Orahovica Orai Oral Oran Orang Orange Orange Walk Orangeville Orani Oranienbaum Oranienburg Oranjemund Oranjestad Oranzherei Orapa Oras Orastie Oratorios Oravita Orbassano Orbetello Orda Ordes Ordino Ordona Ordos Ordu Ordubad Ordynskoe Ordzhonikidzevskij Orebro Oregon City Orekhovo Orekhovo-Zuyevo Orel-Izumrud Orenburg Orense Orestiada Orgiano Orgosolo Orhaneli Orhangazi Orhei Oria Orichi Oriente Origgio Orihuela Orikhiv Orikum Orillia Orimattila Orindiuva Oriolo Oriolo Romano Orion Oristano Orito Orivesi Oriximina Orizaba Orizania Orizona Orkesumet Orkney Orlamunde Orland Park Orlandia etc

How many cities?

The concept of the city is not accurately defined. The fact is that in different countries there are different opinions on this matter. City status can be assigned for more than fifty thousand inhabitants, but can as well be given to a settlement of only a hundred inhabitants. In Russia, to get the status of the city, a settlement must have a population of more than 12 thousand people, but due to historical twists and traditions the rule is followed freely. Thus, in Russia alone, and according to Russian criteria there are more than a thousand cities. And all over the world there are tens of thousands of cities: metropolises, megacities, big cities and towns, large and small settlements.

As you can see, this list is far from being complete, but if even in such a form it is too huge for you, you can make it more concrete by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page, or by selecting from the list of cities of only one particular continent (Europe, Asia, etc.), or statistical tables with only the largest cities - for example, the largest cities of the world.

Russian game "Cities" ("Goroda")

You've come to a page with a list, for which in earlier times one would fork out a mountain of gold. We are talking about an old verbal game of "cities", in which two or more people named the cities in turn. It was necessary that the name of the next town should begin with the last letter of the previous town. So, rejoice! There are tens of thousands of city names on our website! That number is so huge that we had to divide them alphabetically. By default, there is a list of cities beginning with the letter A.

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