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World cities

City list

beginning with letter J

Attention! This section provides simple lists of cities.

For more information about the population, belonging to the country and its regions, the base year or the first mention, as well as the name in Russian, English and the local language, you can find in other sections of the site. Look for the icon cities.

Lists of the largest cities is presented in the statistics section.

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Search for city by name

All world cities beginning with letter J

(663 of 42321 city names)

Ja-Ela Ja'alan Bani Bu Ali Ja'alan Bani Bu Hassan Jaar Jabalpur Jableh Jablonec nad Nisou Jablonne v Podjestedi Jablonowo Pomorskie Jablunkov Jaboatao dos Guararapes Jabonga Jabora Jaborandi Jaboti Jaboticaba Jaboticabal Jaboticatubas Jaca Jacaltenango Jacana Jacaraci Jacarau Jacare dos Homens Jacareacanga Jacarei Jacarezinho Jachymov Jaci Jaciara Jacinto Jacinto Machado Jackson Jacksonville Jacobabad Jacobina Jacobina do Piaui Jacui Jacuipe Jacuizinho Jacunda Jacupiranga Jacutinga Jaen Jaffna Jagannathpur Jagatsinghapur Jagdalpur Jagdispur Jaggaiahpet Jagna Jagodina Jagraon Jagtial Jaguapita Jaguaquara Jaguaracu Jaguarao Jaguarari Jaguare Jaguaretama Jaguari Jaguariaiva Jaguaribara Jaguaribe Jaguaripe Jaguariuna Jaguaruana Jaguaruna Jaguey Grande Jahanabad Jahrom Jaiba Jaicos Jaintiapur Jaipur Jaipurhat Jaitu Jajapur Jajce Jajmau Jakarta Jakmel Jalajala Jalal-Abad Jalalabad Jalalaqsi Jalalpur Jalalpur Pirwala Jalandhar Jalapa Jalaquduq Jaldhaka Jales Jaleswar Jalilabad Jalingo Jalpaiguri Jaltipan de Morelos Jam Jamaame Jamalganj Jamalpur Jambajeli Jambalo Jambeiro Jambi Jamestown Jamindan Jammal Jammalamadugu Jammu Jamnagar Jampruca Jampur Jamsa Jamshedpur Jamtara Jamui Jamundi Jan Kempdorp Janakpur Janatas Janauba Jandaia Jandaia do Sul Jandaira Jandaq Jandaris Jandiala Jandira Janduis Janesville Jangada Jangaon Jangjin Jangsu Janikowo Janiopolis Janiuay Janja Jannat Makan Jannat Shahr Janow Lubelski Janowiec Wielkopolski Januaria Januario Cicco Japaraiba Japaratinga Japaratuba Japeri Japi Japira Japoata Japonvar Japora Japura Jaqueira Jaquirana Jarabacoa Jarabulus Jaraco Jaragua Jaragua do Sul Jaraguari Jaramana Jaramataia Jaranwala Jarbah Ajim Jarbah Hawmat as-Suq Jarbah Midun Jardim Jardim Alegre Jardim de Angicos Jardim de Piranhas Jardim do Mulato Jardim do Serido Jardim Olinda Jardin Jardinopolis Jari Jarikaba Jarinu Jarjis Jarmen Jaro Jarocin Jaromer Jaroslaw Jarqurgon Jaru Jaruco Jarvenpaa Jasa Tomic Jasaan Jashpurnagar Jasien Jasin Jaslo Jasper Jaspur Jastarnia Jastrebarsko Jastrowie Jastrzebie-Zdroj Jatai Jataizinho Jatani Jatauba Jatei Jaten Jati Jatibonico Jatinangor Jativa Jatiwangi Jatoba Jatoba do Piaui Jatoi Jau Jau do Tocantins Jauharabad Jauja Jaunjelgava Jaupaci Jauru Javadieh Javanrud Javea Javier Jawor Jaworzno Jaworzyna Slaska Jayankondam Jayapura Jaydasht Jayrud Jdeideh Jdida Jean-Rabel Jeannette Jeceaba Jecheon Jedburgh Jeddah Jedlicze Jedlina-Zdroj Jedrzejow Jedwabne Jefferson City Jeffersontown Jeffersonville Jeffreys Bay Jehanabad Jehangira Jeju Jekabpils Jelcz-Laskowice Jelenia Gora Jelgava Jeli Jelsava Jember Jemnitce Jena Jenesano Jengiyeh Jenin Jenipapo de Minas Jenipapo dos Vieiras Jenjarom Jenks Jennersdorf Jennings Jeongeup Jeongseon Jeonju Jepara Jequeri Jequia da Praia Jequie Jequitai Jequitiba Jequitinhonha Jerada Jerago con Orago Jerantut Jerash Jeremie Jeremoabo Jerez de Garcia Salinas Jerez de la Frontera Jerez de los Caballeros Jericho Jerichow Jerico Jeriquara Jermuk Jerome Jeronimo Monteiro Jersey City Jerteh Jerudong Jerumenha Jerusalem Jerusalen Jerzu Jesenice Jesenik Jesi Jessen Jessheim Jessore Jesuania Jesuitas Jesupolis Jesus Maria Jette Jeungpyeong Jever Jeypore Jeziorany Jezzine Jhajha Jhajjar Jhalda Jhalokati Jhang Jhanjharpur Jhansi Jhargram Jharsuguda Jhelum Jhenaidah Jhenaigati Jhikargachha Jhumri Tilaiya Ji-Parana Jiabong Jiamusi Jian Jiande Jiangan Jiangdu Jiangkou Jiangmen Jiangshan Jiangyan Jiangyin Jiangyou Jianhu Jianyang Jiaohe Jiaozhou Jiaozuo Jiaxing Jiayuguan Jibannagar Jiblah Jibou Jicin Jidhafs Jidong Jiellevаrri Jieshou Jiexi Jiexiu Jieyang Jieznas Jiguani Jihlava Jijel Jijiga Jijoca de Jericoacoara Jijona Jilemnice Jilib Jilin Jilove Jilove u Prahy Jimalalud Jimbaran Jimbolia Jimena de la Frontera Jimenez Jimeta Jimma Jimmit Jimo Jinan Jinchang Jincheng Jincheon Jind Jindrichuv Hradec Jingdezhen Jinggangshan Jinghong Jingmen Jingzhou Jinhua Jining Jinja Jinji Jinjiang Jinju Jinotega Jinotepe Jinshi Jinzhong Jinzhou Jipapad Jiquilisco Jiquirica Jirikov Jirkov Jiroft Jishou Jisr al-Shughur Jitauna Jitra Jiujiang Jiuquan Jiutai Jiutepec Jixi Jiyuan Jizan Jizzakh Joacaba Joachimsthal Joaima Joal-Fadiouth Joanesia Joanopolis Joao Alfredo Joao Camara Joao Costa Joao Dias Joao Dourado Joao Lisboa Joao Monlevade Joao Neiva Joao Pessoa Joao Pinheiro Joao Ramalho Joao Teves Joaquim Felicio Joaquim Gomes Joaquim Nabuco Joaquim Pires Joaquim Tavora Joaquin Víctor Gonzalez Joca Marques Jocotenango Joda Jodhpur Jodoigne Joensuu Joetsu Jogabani Jogendranagar Jogeva Johannesburg Johanngeorgenstadt Johns Creek Johnson Lane Johnston Johnstown Johor Bahru Johstadt Johvi Joia Joinville Jolanda di Savoia Joliet Joliette Jolo Jomalig Jomashoy Jombang Jomboy Jonadi Jonava Jonchon Jondor Jones Jonesboro Jonggol Joniskelis Joniskis Jonkoping Joplin Jordan Jordania Jordanow Jordao Jorhat Jorpeland Jos etc

How many cities?

The concept of the city is not accurately defined. The fact is that in different countries there are different opinions on this matter. City status can be assigned for more than fifty thousand inhabitants, but can as well be given to a settlement of only a hundred inhabitants. In Russia, to get the status of the city, a settlement must have a population of more than 12 thousand people, but due to historical twists and traditions the rule is followed freely. Thus, in Russia alone, and according to Russian criteria there are more than a thousand cities. And all over the world there are tens of thousands of cities: metropolises, megacities, big cities and towns, large and small settlements.

As you can see, this list is far from being complete, but if even in such a form it is too huge for you, you can make it more concrete by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page, or by selecting from the list of cities of only one particular continent (Europe, Asia, etc.), or statistical tables with only the largest cities - for example, the largest cities of the world.

Russian game "Cities" ("Goroda")

You've come to a page with a list, for which in earlier times one would fork out a mountain of gold. We are talking about an old verbal game of "cities", in which two or more people named the cities in turn. It was necessary that the name of the next town should begin with the last letter of the previous town. So, rejoice! There are tens of thousands of city names on our website! That number is so huge that we had to divide them alphabetically. By default, there is a list of cities beginning with the letter A.

Origin page: Список городов мира.