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World cities

City list

beginning with letter P

Attention! This section provides simple lists of cities.

For more information about the population, belonging to the country and its regions, the base year or the first mention, as well as the name in Russian, English and the local language, you can find in other sections of the site. Look for the icon cities.

Lists of the largest cities is presented in the statistics section.

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Search for city by name

All world cities beginning with letter P

(2404 of 36547 city names)

Pa-an Paarl Paata Paavagada Pabbi Pabianice Pabillonis Pabna Pabrade Pacaembu Pacaja Pacajus Pacaraima Pacasmayo Pacatuba Pace del Mela Paceco Pacet Pachavita Pachino Pacho Pachora Pachore Pachuca Paco do Lumiar Pacoa Pacode Pacora Pacos de Ferreira Pacoti Pacov Pacuja Paczkow Padalarang Padang Padang Panjang Padang Sidempuan Padasuka Padenghe sul Garda Pader Paderborn Paderno d'Adda Paderno Dugnano Paderno Franciacorta Padilla Padmanabhapuram Padova Padra Padrauna Padre Bernardo Padre Carvalho Padre Marcos Padre Paraiso Padron Paducah Padula Paduli Paekam Paeroa Paes Landim Paesana Paese Paez Pag Pagani Pagaralam Pagedangan Pagegiai Paglieta Pagnacco Pago Veiano Pahiatua Pahrump Pai Pedro Paial Paicandu Paicol Paide Paidha Paihia Paikgachha Pailin Pailitas Paillant Pailles Paim Filho Paime Paimio Paineiras Painel Pains Paipa Paiporta Paisley Paita Paithan Paiva Pajarito Pajeczno Pajeu do Piaui Paju Pak Kret Pakaur Pakchon Pakdasht Pakis Pakokku Pakosc Pakpattan Pakrac Pakruojis Paks Pakse Pakundia Pakwach Pakxan Pal Pala Palacole Paladina Palafolls Palagano Palagianello Palagiano Palagonia Palai Palaia Palaiseau Palakkad Palanga Palangkaraya Palani Palanpur Palapye Palasa Kasibugga Palash Palashbari Palatine Palau Palau-solita i Plegamans Palazuelos de Eresma Palazzago Palazzo Pignano Palazzo San Gervasio Palazzolo Acreide Palazzolo dello Stella Palazzolo sull'Oglio Paldiski Pale Palembang Palencia Paleometoho Palermo Palestina Palestina de Goias Palestina do Para Palestrina Palghar Palhano Palhoca Pali Palia Kalan Paliano Palic Palikir Palin Palitana Palizzi Palladam Pallapatti Pallasovka Palleja Pallicolo Pallikonda Pallini Pallisa Palm Bay Palm Desert Palm Springs Palma Palma Campania Palma de Mallorca Palma del Rio Palma di Montechiaro Palma Sola Palma Soriano Palmacia Palmanova Palmar Palmar de Varela Palmares Palmares do Sul Palmares Paulista Palmas Palmas de Monte Alto Palmas del Socorro Palmdale Palmeira Palmeira d'Oeste Palmeira das Missoes Palmeira do Piaui Palmeira dos Índios Palmeirais Palmeirandia Palmeirante Palmeiras Palmeiras de Goias Palmeiras do Tocantins Palmeirina Palmeiropolis Palmelo Palmer Palmerston Palmerston North Palmi Palminopolis Palmira Palmital Palmitinho Palmito Palmitos Palmopolis Palo Alto Palo del Colle Palo Negro Palocabildo Palodia Palomares del Rio Palombara Sabina Palomonte Palopo Palosco Palotina Palpala Palu Paluzza Palwal Palwancha Pamekasan Pamijahan Pampa del Infierno Pampatar Pamplemousses Pamplona Pamplonita Pamukova Pan De Azucar Pana Pana Panadura Panagar Panagudi Panagyurishte Panajachel Panaji Panama Panama City Panamattom Panambi Pancas Pančevo Panchagarh Panchbibi Panchhari Panchimalco Panchkula Panchla Panciu Pancota Pandaan Pandelys Pandharkaoda Pandharpur Pandhurna Pandi Pandino Pando Pandua Panelas Panemune Panevezys Pangai Pangaimotu Pangalengan Pangkah Pangkalanbuun Pangkalpinang Pangnirtung Pangsha Panguma Panguna Panicale Panipat Panjakent Panjin Panna Panniyannur Pano Aqil Pano Deftera Pano Polemidia Panongan Panorama Panqueba Panruti Panshi Pantano Grande Pante Macassar Pantelleria Pantigliate Pantin Pantoja Pantufo Panvel Panzhihua Panzos Pao de Acucar Paola Paoua Papa Papagaios Papanduva Papeete Papenburg Papendrecht Paphos Papillion Pappenheim Pappinisseri Papunaua Paqueta Para de Minas Para Noord Parabiago Parabita Paracambi Paracatu Paracin Paracuru Paradas Paradip Paradise Paradise Valley Paragominas Paragould Paraguacu Paraguacu Paulista Parai Paraiba do Sul Paraibano Paraibuna Paraipaba Paraiso Paraiso das Aguas Paraiso do Norte Paraiso do Sul Paraiso do Tocantins Paraisopolis Parakou Paralimni Paramakudi Paramaribo Parambu Paramirim Paramo Paramoti Parana Paranacity Paranagua Paranaiba Paranaiguara Paranaita Paranapanema Paranapoema Paranapua Paranaque Paranatama Paranatinga Paranavai Parand Parandak Parangipettai Paranhos Paraopeba Parapua Parari Parasi Paratebueno Parati Paratico Paratinga Parau Parauapebas Parauna Paravoor Parazinho Parbatipur Parbhani Parchim Parcines Parczew Pardi Pardinho Pardis Pardubice Pare Pareci Novo Parecis Paredes Parekklisia Parelhas Parepare Parete Parets del Valles Parham Pariaman Pariconha Pariguan Parika Parintins Paripiranga Paripueira Pariquera-Acu Paris Parisi Park River Parkano Parkent Parkersburg Parksville Parlakhemundi Parli Parma Parnagua Parnaiba Parnamirim Parnarama Parnu Paro Parobe Parola Parongpong Parque del Plata Parre Parres Parry Sound Pars Abad Parsberg Parshall Parshuram Parsian Parsippany Parsons Partanna Partinico Partizansk Partizanske Partur Parung Parvathipuram Parvomay Parys Pasadena Pasajes Pasan Pasarkemis Pasca Pascagoula Pascani Paschim Punropara Pasco Paseh Pasewalk Pasian di Prato Pasiano di Pordenone Pasig Pasighat Pasinler Paslek Pasni Paso de Carrasco Paso de los Libres Paso de los Toros Paspebiac Pasrur Passa e Fica Passa Quatro Passa Sete Passa Tempo Passa-Vinte Passabem Passage West Passagem Passagem Franca Passagem Franca do Piaui Passaic Passau Passignano sul Trasimeno Passira Passirano Passo de Camaragibe Passo de Torres etc

How many cities?

The concept of the city is not accurately defined. The fact is that in different countries there are different opinions on this matter. City status can be assigned for more than fifty thousand inhabitants, but can as well be given to a settlement of only a hundred inhabitants. In Russia, to get the status of the city, a settlement must have a population of more than 12 thousand people, but due to historical twists and traditions the rule is followed freely. Thus, in Russia alone, and according to Russian criteria there are more than a thousand cities. And all over the world there are tens of thousands of cities: metropolises, megacities, big cities and towns, large and small settlements.

As you can see, this list is far from being complete, but if even in such a form it is too huge for you, you can make it more concrete by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page, or by selecting from the list of cities of only one particular continent (Europe, Asia, etc.), or statistical tables with only the largest cities - for example, the largest cities of the world.

Russian game "Cities" ("Goroda")

You've come to a page with a list, for which in earlier times one would fork out a mountain of gold. We are talking about an old verbal game of "cities", in which two or more people named the cities in turn. It was necessary that the name of the next town should begin with the last letter of the previous town. So, rejoice! There are tens of thousands of city names on our website! That number is so huge that we had to divide them alphabetically. By default, there is a list of cities beginning with the letter A.

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