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Solomon Islands

Area: 28 450 km2
Population: 566 481
Capital: Honiara
Border countries: noone
Money: SBD

Country's codes:
International phone code for Solomon Islands: +677
Standart ISO 3166-1:
3 letters
2 letters (internet domain)
digital country code
Olympic country code: SOL Olympic country code
FIFA code: SOL FIFA code

flag Solomon Islands   coat of arms Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands on map
Largest cities
Name Population
capital Honiara64 609
Tandai10 837
Auki7 785
Malango4 636
Gizo3 547
Noro3 365
Munda2 843
Buala2 813
Kirakira2 461
Lata1 982
Tulagi1 251
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map of Solomon Islands

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money of Solomon Islands: SBD

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