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Antigua and Barbuda

Area: 442 km2
Population: 90 510
Capital: Saint Johns
Border countries: noone
Money: XCD

Country's codes:
International phone code for Antigua and Barbuda: +1 268
Standart ISO 3166-1:
3 letters
2 letters (internet domain)
digital country code
Olympic country code: ANT Olympic country code
FIFA code: ATG FIFA code

flag Antigua and Barbuda   coat of arms Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda on map
Largest cities
Name Population
Saint John's31 000
All Saints5 125
Liberta3 301
Bolans2 154
Piggots1 878
Swetes1 837
Seaview Farm1 684
Parham1 491
Potters Village1 433
Clare Hall1 359
Codrington1 325
Willikies1 179
Old Road1 093
Jennings1 003
Cedar Grove908
Freemans Village833
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map of Antigua and Barbuda

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money of Antigua and Barbuda: XCD