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San Marino

Area: 61.00 km2
Population: 31 945
Capital: San Marino
Border countries:

Money: EUR

Country's codes:
International phone code for San Marino: +378
Standart ISO 3166-1:
3 letters
2 letters (internet domain)
digital country code
Olympic country code: SMR Olympic country code
FIFA code: SMR FIFA code

flag San Marino   coat of arms San Marino

San Marino on map
Largest cities
Name Population
Serravalle9 847
Borgo Maggiore6 061
capital San Marino4 409
Domagnano2 899
Fiorentino2 510
Acquaviva1 881
Faetano1 139
Chiesanuova1 036
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map of San Marino

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money of San Marino: EUR

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